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Why is my iPhone microphone not working?

Despite their excellent design and engineering, it’s not unusual to find that sometimes things go wrong with our iPhones, and there are few issues more irritating than your iPhone’s microphone not working. If this happens to you then there’s nothing to fear.

Read our troubleshooting guide to help you diagnose the problem and sort out a fix as soon as possible.

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Common causes of microphone problems and how to fix them

Whether your iPhone’s microphone has stopped working completely or just seems muffled, both hardware and software could be the root of the problem. Go through this series of fixes and you’ll discover the hidden culprit in no time.


  1. Restart the iPhone

This is the basic all-purpose troubleshooter for many iPhone problems. Restarting your device might not diagnose the software glitch but if it works then what’s the problem? However, the process of restarting an iPhone varies depending on the model. So, do check out the right method for your device.


  1. Clean the microphones

Depending on your model of iPhone you will have at least three microphones to check. Bottom, front and back could all be blocked by lint, dust or any other manner of debris. If they are blocked then clean them with a dry brush. Don’t shoot compressed air directly into the openings as this could cause further damage and never get your iPhone wet.


  1. Remove the case

Sometimes iPhone cases might be blocking a microphone or otherwise interfering with its function. Simply remove it to see if this fixes the problem.


  1. Disconnect any accessories

Headphones or any other Bluetooth accessories can easily disrupt microphone use. Disconnecting them and restarting the device could solve your issues. To disconnect a Bluetooth device, go to Settings > Bluetooth. Turn the Bluetooth function ‘On’ to view a list of paired Bluetooth devices. Tap the device you want to unpair and then tap ‘Forget this Device’.


  1. Try a different accessory

It might not be your iPhone that’s got the problem, it might be your headset. Use a different headset or accessory to see if the fault lies outside your actual handset.


  1. Check app permissions

Communication apps like WhatsApp, FaceTime or Skype can all be the source of issues with your microphone. Simply closing and reopening the app is often enough to fix it but sometimes more is needed. Make sure the app in question has been given permission to access the microphone. Go to Settings > Privacy > Microphone. Find the app you want to give microphone access and tap on the slider so that it turns green.


  1. Turn off noise cancellation

Noise cancellation is an iPhone feature that decreases background noise when you’re making calls. To check whether this is causing the problem go to Settings > Accessibility > Audio/Visual and turn off the switch for Noise Cancellation. For users of iOS 12 or earlier then go to Settings > General > Accessibility and turn off Noise Cancellation.


  1. Test microphones

There are at least three microphones in an iPhone and the problem could lie in any one of them. Do the following to diagnose whether it’s a problem with an individual microphone.

  • Primary microphone test. Open Voice Memos from the home screen, tap Record and begin speaking. Stop the recording and then play back the memo. If you can hear your voice then the primary microphone isn’t the issue.
  • Front microphone test. Open Camera from the home screen and choose the Video option. Switch to Selfie view, tap Record and begin speaking. Stop recording and go to Photos to play back the video. If you can hear your voice then the front microphone is working fine. If you aren’t able to hear sound, check out the cellular connection. If it’s poor, it could be the culprit.
  • Back microphone test. Open Camera from the home screen and choose the Video option. Leave in Regular view, tap Record and begin speaking. Stop recording and go to Photos to play back the video. If you can hear your voice then the back microphone is good.


  1. Check for iOS updates

There are many reasons that iOS is updated including lots of bug fixes and performance enhancements. So, sometimes an older version can hamper your microphone performance. Check for updates by going to Settings > General > Software Update and install any available updates for iOS.


  1. Restore factory default settings

The most desperate solution when all else fails is to restore the factory default settings of your device. If you’re resetting your device in this way, be sure to backup just in case. Go to Settings > General > Reset. Tap on Reset All Settings and confirm. DO NOT accidentally choose Erase All Content and Settings or you’ll wave goodbye to all your contacts, apps, photos, music and much more!


  1. If nothing else works, get some help

The great thing about iPhones is there is always the option of contacting your local Apple support. Having iPhone insurance in place is the perfect way to guard against possible breakdown of your important device.


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