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20 things to do with your old iPhone

There comes a day in every iPhone owner’s life when no matter how attached to our ‘old’ iPhone we are, it's time for a trip to the Apple store and a sparkling new iPhone! Say hello to better photos, super-fast speeds, oodles of storage space, and a battery that lasts so much longer. But when you’ve taken delivery of your flashy new piece of tech, you’re left with a conundrum: What do you do with your iPhone that’s a few years out of date? Well, worry not, Gadget Cover has it all worked out with 20 things to do with your old iPhone to keep it out of the junk drawer.

At whatever stage you are in your iPhone’s lifecycle, having the right insurance in place is vital. That’s why when we’re not thinking up handy tips, Gadget Cover works so hard to provide iPhone cover that's just right for you and your budget.

iPhone SE

  1. Small but powerful music player

Despite moving your number and phone contract onto a new device, your old iPhone is still a very powerful piece of hardware. Whether you choose to store music on the iPhone or use a streaming service like Apple Music or Spotify, it’ll make a great music player for any room. Just connect to your home Wi-Fi and pair it with a decent Bluetooth speaker for great music around the house. What’s better is that the ‘old phone’ problems you may have previously experienced (rubbish battery, poor camera, cracked display) matter a lot less when your iPhone is plugged in and pumping out the tunes!

  1. e-Reader for those quiet moments

When you’re reading something on your iPhone it’s all too easy to become distracted by answering calls and texts or surfing the net. However, by converting your old iPhone into an e-Reader you’ll cut down on those tech temptations. Whether downloading books from your local library or from eBook suppliers, including Amazon Kindle, Kobo, and Apple Books, there’s plenty to choose from. Just make sure you turn down the brightness to avoid eye strain.

For more on how to make using an iPhone easier on your eyes, read this recent article from the Gadget Cover team. And remember to disable any of those irritating notifications (or even switch the phone to Airplane mode) to stay focused on your literary enjoyment.

  1. Kitchen helper for would-be MasterChefs

Leaving an iPhone set up in the kitchen as a dedicated mine of information for all things food related is surprisingly useful. Not only can you get recipe ideas, cooking advice and nutritional information quickly and easily but it also makes a great timer.

Take your time to choose the recipe app that’s just right for you and your family. A good idea is to simplify your home screen and set up hand-free commands. With Apple’s Voice Control, you can navigate and interact with your device using your voice to tap, swipe, type and more – perfect for when your hands are covered in flour!

  1. Keep the kids entertained at (almost) no risk

Many children dream of the day when a parent or older sibling gets rid of an old iPhone. It’s often the first time they’ll be able to have a phone that they can call their own. And they don’t even need a phone contract to get a lot out of these technological wonders. Simply download some kid-friendly games or episodes of their favourite shows and they’ll be so happy! Just be sure to use Screen Time to set appropriate limits.

To turn on Screen Time go to Settings > Screen Time and tap Continue. Select This is My Child's iPhone. Here you can quickly and simply set up Screen Time and create settings that will be applied to their device. After all, keeping your child entertained and safe is all important!

  1. Gaming device for your downtime

Why should your kids get all the fun? Turn your old iPhone into a mini games console by downloading some great games and maybe even buying a controller like the Gamevice to use with the iPhone. Be sure to restore your iPhone to factory settings to get rid of any sensitive personal information and free up some all-important storage space.

  1. Extra remote for Apple TV

If you’ve got an Apple TV, then the larger screen and expanded controls of your iPhone might be preferable to the physical remote that came with the Apple TV. Just make sure you have an easy way to keep your iPhone charged. The battery won’t last anywhere near as long as the Apple TV remote will. Check out our easy guide on how to use your phone to control your Apple TV on one of our blogs.

  1. Control your Smart home

With the growth in Smart devices around our homes an old iPhone is a good way to control everything, without the need for any special access or for someone to have your current personal iPhone in their hand. Very useful for when guests are visiting.

  1. Cut-price car infotainment

Many people now use their iPhones in the car to help them with navigation or streaming music. But if you find mounting and unmounting it all the time a pain, or are worried about having your new iPhone 13 on display for all to see, leaving an old iPhone in the car as a permanent car infotainment device could provide a cost-effective answer.

And if you position it correctly, you can even use the iPhone as a dashcam. Simply download a dashcam app and you’ll be able to constantly record what’s happening while you’re driving. Vital evidence in case of a road traffic accident. The car experts over at AutoExpress have put their heads together and come up with this great list of in-car dashboard camera apps worth downloading now.

iPhone with coffee

  1. Next-generation gear for outdoor explorers

Phone-savvy cyclists and other outdoor enthusiasts have become a target for tech giants looking to get ahead of the competition. Mounting an old iPhone on your bike’s handlebars, or in your backpack, is an easy way to get access to some of the great software tools on offer. Without the worry of risking your brand-new iPhone in situations where it might get destroyed.

However, if you’re serious about outdoor pursuits then look into getting a data-only SIM for up-to-date mapping data and streaming of music. Remember, downloading everything ahead of time on your home Wi-Fi will only get you so far.

  1. Quick video conferencing

With the range of video chatting tools now on offer on your iPhone, you can quickly set up a dedicated video conferencing area in your home or office. Lightweight and with decent cameras and a screen, staying connected with faraway family, friends, and work colleagues has never been easier.

  1. Security measures for around the home

With its powerful processor, built-in cameras, and small size an old iPhone can keep an unobtrusive eye on your home at all times. Simply download the Skype app and set it up to automatically accept incoming video calls. That way simply call your old iPhone and you can check up on things while you’re out.

For more sophisticated surveillance, you can find home security camera apps that let you stream live video from your home and send motion-detection alerts. They’re really very useful for keeping everything safe and secure when you’re away.

  1. Monitoring those precious family members

As any new parent knows, having a baby can end up an expensive experience. While you won’t want to cut costs on the safest prams or car seats you could probably save a bit by using that old iPhone as a baby monitor. Apps like Cloud Baby Monitor are perfect at keeping an eye on your little one anytime and anywhere, providing you with excellent high quality live video, unlimited range, two-way video talk, boosted audio, noise and motion alerts, and so much more.

  1. Digital photo frame for your precious memories

Within your iPhone’s Photos app, you can generate and play a slideshow of any of your photo albums. Whether stored locally on the iPhone or in the Cloud. You can do it yourself by tweaking some of your settings or just download an app like LiveFrame to give life to your older device.

  1. Let it whisk you away around the world

Is the view from your desk getting a little boring? Well, let your old iPhone be your guide to new and exciting places around the world. Sounds good? To get started, just download EarthCam’s Webcams app from the App Store. With more than 175 webcams set up around the world it'll give you one-touch access to a fabulous array of sites around the globe. Stand on the world-famous zebra crossing outside the Abbey Road Studios in London or get lost among the bright lights and neon signs in New York’s Times Square. Who needs to get on a plane when you can experience these places from the comfort of your desk?

  1. Handy in an emergency

What happens if something unfortunate befalls your new iPhone and it no longer works? Yes, it doesn’t really bear thinking about! But if you’ve kept your old iPhone close at hand then you can swap sims and be up and running while your ‘new’ iPhone gets repaired.

iPhone insurance from Gadget Cover can protect your iPhone against a whole array of hazards. From accidental damage and liquid damage to breakdown and theft, we’ve got you covered.

  1. Holiday phone

Not everyone wants to take their expensive new iPhone abroad with them. So, an old iPhone might be a useful holiday companion. Particularly if you’re going somewhere where you might be a target for criminals. That said, policies arranged by the team at Gadget Cover can be extended to include use anywhere in the world, up to 180 days in any one year.

  1. Bedtime buddy

With a range of clock apps and Siri’s straightforward alarm-setting capabilities an old iPhone makes a great bedtime companion. And since it’s plugged in all the time, you don’t need to worry about battery life, either.

iPhone and box

  1. Nice little earner

Just because you didn’t trade in your old iPhone when you got a new one doesn’t mean it’s worthless. Check out our guide for how to sell your iPhone for the best price, as well as some ideas of where to list it.

  1. Recycle it

Reusing your old iPhone for other purposes is a great idea. But something that could be good for the environment and for your cash flow is to recycle your old handset. Read our top tips on how to recycle your old phone.

  1. A donation to a worthy cause

If none of these ideas appeals then perhaps you could consider donating your old iPhone to a worthy cause? Charities all over the country will accept mobile phones for recycling or refurbishment. So, not only could your donated iPhone help raise money for the charity but it might also be given to someone in need.

Charities who do this include Little Lives UK, Oxfam, and Scope. Local schools and community groups often collect phones to raise money, too. Keeping your iPhone away from landfill or the junk drawer, where it could do some good in the world is a great option. If none of these phone donation ideas appeal, then a quick web search will soon find a cause that strikes a chord with you.

iPhone insurance from Gadget Cover

Whatever the plans for your old iPhone, when you get your new Apple product, you’ll want to get it insured as quickly as possible. That’s why the helpful team at Gadget Cover are always ready to set you up with an iPhone insurance policy to suit your device and budget.

Policies arranged through Gadget Cover include protection for common hazards like accidental damage, liquid damage, theft, breakdown and unauthorised usage. And for an extra premium you can protect against loss, too.

So, if you’re considering a new iPhone, don’t forget to get iPhone insurance from the specialists, too!

Get a quick quote for iPhone insurance today.

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