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Best new phones for Christmas 2021

As 2021 rolls towards its conclusion, we can look forward to one of the highlights of the year. Yes, you got it, the annual festive fun to be had at Christmas. This year, just like any other, will see phones yet again among the most sought-after holiday gifts.

With new handsets from Apple, Google, Samsung and many more being released just in time for the season, what super gadgets will you use to fill those stockings this year? Let’s take a look in our Gadget Cover guide to the best new phones Santa will hopefully be packing this Christmas 2021.

When searching for gifts for family and friends, there’s no getting away from the fact the latest phones can be pricey and really stretch those already over-loaded budgets. However, when they unwrap their presents on Christmas morning there are few things more likely to bring on a beaming smile than a brand-new phone!

Unfortunately, such expensive and sought-after objects are at risk of damage, loss and theft. So, before wrapping up your generous gift it’s well worth calling Gadget Cover to arrange protection. We can sort iPhone insurance and a whole range of other policies suitable for your tech. Give us a call and our insurance elves will be sure to give you a helping hand.

For Apple enthusiasts looking for the best deal - iPhone 13

Price: £779

Deciding between the current clutch of iPhones launched at the Apple event in September can be a difficult task. As they all have their own pros and cons to balance against each other. From a design perspective, the latest additions to the iPhone stable haven’t included many headline-grabbing, flashy changes. But there have been plenty of subtle improvements under the hood to woo savvy buyers.

As well as a faster A15 Bionic chip, there’s a much-improved dual-camera system delivering larger sensors for better photos at any time of day or night. While Apple promises the new iPhone 13’s battery should last a full 2.5 hours longer than before. Even the smaller iPhone 13 Mini offers a 1.5-hour improvement in battery life. When you’re a heavy user, that’s an improvement not to be sniffed at.

With an increased storage offer, ceramic shield front, 5G capability, wireless charging, and a selection of new colours, this really is a step up over earlier models.

If you’re looking for the most affordable option then really the only difference between this and the cheaper iPhone Mini is the screen size. The standard iPhone 13 boasts a super retina XDR display measuring 6.1-inches, while the Mini measures 5.4-inches. At £679, if you’ve got smaller hands and screen real estate isn’t an essential then the Mini might be a decent alternative.

Even top-of-the-range devices like the iPhone 13 can experience problems in their lifetime. Protect yourself from breakdown by investing in iPhone insurance from day one. An easy way to avoid any tears on Christmas day!


For Apple enthusiasts looking to go large - iPhone 13 Pro Max

Price: £1,049

Stepping up to the iPhone 13 Pro range offers even longer battery life, a triple camera array, bigger lenses, even better picture quality, and a whopping 1TB storage option. The new photographic styles feature lets you customise photo filters. While cinematic mode will give you an oh-so-fashionable and seamless bokeh-like effect. Your social media output will never have looked so good!

A gorgeous new Super Retina XDR display comes with all-new and more adaptive ProMotion variable refresh rates that range from 10Hz up to 120Hz. Great for games and movies. And did we mention the iPhone 13 Pro Max screen measures a stunning 6.7-inches? If you really want to give a statement gift that will see jaws dropping then this is it.

Although it might also be worth investing in a top-level screen protector along with the right iPhone insurance. Unlike some insurers, Gadget Cover can cover minor screen cracks. Just in case disaster strikes as they excitedly tear the paper off their new present!

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3

Price: £949

If you want something next generation and sure to grab the attention of even the most jaded tech nerd then the pocket-sized clam shell of the Z Flip3 will most certainly do that. Its screen scrolls at a silky smooth 120Hz on a 6.7-inch FHD+ Dynamic AMOLED 2x Infinity Flex Display. Simply stunning!

It’s got 5G support, a Snapdragon 888 processor, 8GB of RAM, a 3,300 mAh battery, and up to 256GB of storage. You get a dual-lens rear camera and a 10MP front camera, as well as fast wireless charging. It has a new more durable construction, plus IPX8 water resistance, just like you’d expect on any high-end modern phone.

But perhaps the most important consideration when budgeting for Christmas, is its starting price of £949. Which puts the Z Flip3 on the same price level as many high-end, non-folding phones! What’s not to like?

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3

Price: £1,599

Samsung has staked a lot on the success of folding phones. So, not only do you have the Z Flip3 to consider but also the Z Fold3, too! Fortunately for you, there’s plenty to differentiate between the two.

Unlike the Z Flip3 the Z Fold3 has a vertical fold, and opens up to provide an even more expansive 7.6-inches of screen space. Again, it sports a 120Hz adaptive refresh rate and a QXGA+ Dynamic AMOLED 2x Infinity Flex display. The cover screen itself is a 6.2-inch HD+ Dynamic AMOLED 2x Infinity-O display.

In terms of cameras, it has a 10MP selfie camera on the cover, a 4MP under display front camera, and a triple camera arrangement on the rear (made up of a 12MP ultra-wide, 12MP wide-angle, and a 12MP telephoto lens). 

Inside it has a Snapdragon 888 processor, 12GB of RAM, a 4,400mAh battery, up to 512GB of storage, 5G capability, and fast wireless charging.

A range of beautiful and exclusive accessories have also been developed, including the S Pen Fold Edition. Be aware, Samsung warns that all other S Pens or stylus pens not designed for the Z Fold3 may damage the beautiful screen.

Samsung fold

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Price: £1,199

Not everyone will be convinced by suggestions that now is the time to invest in foldable. But if you or the person you’re buying for still wants a swanky new phone then Samsung can still more than deliver. Respected tech site reviewers such as Tom’s Guide have been singing the praises of the Galaxy S21 Ultra since its launch all the way back in January 2021.

With a Snapdragon 888 processor, stunning cameras, heavy-duty tech specs, a 6.8-inch Infinity-O display and a 5,000mAh it’s undoubtedly been one of the best phones of the past year. If you’re interested then read our guide to the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra to find out more.

That said, if you’re buying for Christmas, it might be worth waiting a wee bit longer. Rumours from trusted sources such as TechRadar suggest the next generation Galaxy S22 range will launch in January 2022. If it does, then you might spot some significant price drops on the earlier S21. Or you could choose to buy the very latest from Samsung and be the envy of all your friends.  

Motorola Defy

Price: £249

If you’re looking for something completely different from these high-cost, high-spec, top-of-the-range phones then Motorola may be a manufacturer worth considering. Motorola has produced a bewildering array of phones over recent years suitable for a wide range of needs and budgets.

The Motorola Defy launched earlier this year as a rugged device, perfectly designed to work well outdoors and able to withstand a fair amount of punishment. It’s also got a pretty decent 5,000 mAh battery, too, offering a two-day life. So there’s no need to stop and recharge when you’re on an adventure!

It might not have cutting edge specs in terms of processing power or cameras, but if your loved one needs some tough love this could be the phone for them. Indeed, Motorola promises it’s been tried and tested to the extreme so you never need to worry.

If you’re intrigued by the Defy but aren’t sure it’s the one for you, then take a look at the other amazing Motorola phones available to buy in 2021.

Google Pixel 6 or Google Pixel 6 Pro

Price: £599 or £849

If you want to buy a phone that’s really up to the minute then you won’t go far wrong with Google’s latest Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro handsets. Revealed at a live event in October, the flagship devices got the tech geeks very excited. The judgment seemed to be that the search giant is finally taking on Apple’s and Samsung’s high-end range with a premium device.

Alongside a soon-to-be-iconic camera bump, the two phones offer greater AI capabilities, serious camera power, a new privacy-focused chip, a larger battery and a more personal Android 12 experience. In terms of those all-important screens the Pixel 6 Pro has a 6.7-inch QHD+ display with a 120Hz refresh rate. While the Pixel 6 has a 6.4-inch FHD+ display with a 90Hz refresh rate.

In a bold move, both phones will be powered by a new in-house processor called Tensor that’s been custom-made for Pixel. So, no sign of the usual Snapdragon chips here. This, coupled with the aggressive pricing, is definitely a statement of intent from Google when it comes to the future shape of the global smartphone market. Google is definitely here to stay and it’s not afraid to put its money where its mouth is!

Unfortunately, despite many wishes sent to Santa, the much-awaited Google Pixel Fold was not included at the event. So we guess we’ll have to wait until 2022 for one of the few non-Samsung foldables that’s worth getting excited about.

Google pixel

Further phone rumours for a tech lover’s wishlist

With an ongoing global chip shortage and supply chain issues it’s difficult to predict what other phones will not only launch but also be available in the UK in time for Christmas. Depending on whether the tech-gods shine on us, the following phones ‘might’ be available in time for wrapping. It really depends on whether you’ve been naughty or nice!

  • Huawei P50 and P50 Pro – The latest photography-focused phones from the Chinese manufacturer are currently only available in China. We had hoped they would arrive on these shores by now, but so far, we’ve been disappointed in our search. Both phones boast high refresh rate OLED displays and fast charging. Not to mention great camera systems.
  • Honor 50 and 50 Pro – According to Pocket Lint, Honor has confirmed the Honor 50 and 50 Pro will be launched in the UK and Europe by the end of October. While we haven’t heard the tech specs for the UK edition, in China both handsets are powered by new Snapdragon 778G chips, deliver 5G support, and support fast charging. The standard 50 has a 6.57-inch OLED display. While the Pro has a 6.72-inch OLED screen.
  • Nokia 10 – Could this be the year the rumoured Nokia 10 finally makes it to market? Rumours abound that November could see this big event. We’ll believe it when we see it!

iPhone insurance from Gadget Cover

Whichever phone finds its way under the Christmas tree on the big day, the dedicated team at Gadget Cover will search to find you an insurance policy to cover a wide variety of

We all know how vital it is to protect these sought-after devices from the risk of being damaged, lost or stolen. That’s why Gadget Cover policies include protection from accidental damage, liquid damage, theft, breakdown and unauthorised usage. For an extra premium, your beautiful new phone can also be covered against loss.

If you’ve invested in phone accessories for Christmas, too, these can also be covered (up to £150) if they’re lost, stolen or damaged at the same time as your gadget.

Don’t delay, get a quick quote for iPhone insurance today.

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