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Common iPhone and Android problems and how to fix them

No matter how well designed or carefully manufactured a mobile phone is they are never going to be perfect. Even if you’ve picked up the latest offering from Apple, Samsung, Huawei or any other of those clever smartphone makers, there are going to be tech problems at some point. And when we rely on them for so much, if something does go wrong it can be very stressful working out the solution.

To help you get back on the road to mobile nirvana we’ve put together some of the most common iPhone and Android problems you might encounter. And some quick fixes that could help you find a solution without giving you a pain in your head – or your wallet!

Remember, though, if you can’t find the solution it’s often worth getting the experts involved. Having the right insurance for iPhones is one of the best ways to get the help you need, when you need it, and at a great price. If you want to protect your precious gadget from breakdown, damage, theft and even loss, then get a quick quote at Gadget Cover today.


Common iPhone problems and how to fix them

  1. White screen of death

The infamous ‘white screen of death’ so feared by iPhone owners, isn’t always as bad as it first appears. The two most common culprits for this problem are a failed software update or a hardware problem.

The easiest route to a solution is to simply restart your device. If this doesn’t work then you can perform a factory reset, try putting the iPhone into Recovery Mode or even Device Firmware Update (DFU) Mode.

Remember though, these options will clear all your settings and data – so hopefully you’ve been backing up regularly!

  1. Water damage

This isn’t a problem that only affects iPhones, but iPhone owners can be an adventurous lot - which can put them at greater risk. If a watery fate does befall your beloved iPhone then do the following:

  • Turn it off immediately and remove it from its cover.
  • Dry the outside of the iPhone as quickly as possible.
  • Remove the SIM.
  • Lay the iPhone on a flat, open and well-ventilated space to dry (a day or two to be safe).
  • DO NOT put it in a bag of rice! If you want, you can keep it with silica gel sachets to help absorb moisture.
  • When you turn it back on, be sure to backup data as soon as possible.

Check out our recent guide on how to spot the signs of water damage on your phone.

  1. Battery life issues

A battery that drains fast is a common problem encountered by iPhone users, particularly after one of those iOS upgrades that we all love! There are plenty of ways to prolong your iPhone’s battery life including a hard reset and checking your apps usage to see what’s eating up power like there’s no tomorrow!

  1. Black screen of death

Similar to the white screen of death, the black screen of death often sounds worse than it actually is. Before you start losing your mind there are some pretty straightforward fixes. First, you might just have a drained battery and you need a charge – easily solved, provided you’ve got a charger.

Where the screen is black but the iPhone still seems to be working you could be having a software issue. Simply restart your device and cross your fingers. It could also be a problem with an app that needs updating or is trying to load something. Simply update and restart and you should be fine.

Yes, we might be accused of overreacting but our iPhones are a vital lifeline. So, when things go wrong, we can get upset! And who can blame us?

  1. iPhone overheating

There are many simple reasons why your iPhone might overheat, but it’s always worrying when it happens. To fix overheating, start off by placing the iPhone in a cooler environment away from heat or direct sunlight (not the fridge).

Also, remove it from its case and turn it off for a few minutes to cool down.

  1. iPhone freezing

No, we don’t mean you’ve left your iPhone on the ski slopes overnight! Sometimes your iPhone could get stuck on the Apple logo or apps freeze or quit unexpectedly. Closing the app and restarting your device usually fixes the problem.

If not, it could be that you haven’t got the latest update. Or perhaps the latest iOS update no longer supports the app? Reinstall and see what happens – you might need to look for an alternative app to use.

  1. Proximity sensor not working

This handy sensor detects how close the iPhone is to your face. So, when you hold it up to your ear to talk it turns off the screen automatically – saving battery life and preventing accidental button taps when talking.

This problem can be caused by a software or hardware issue – and sometimes happens when you’ve had your screen replaced. Restart your phone before moving on to a factory reset or DFU mode to fix the problem.

  1. Screen problems

Okay, if your screen is cracked or damaged then you’ll need to pay a trip to a professional. But often problems aren’t as terminal as that. Scratches can be repaired at home with the right materials.

A touch screen that’s playing up could just mean it’s wet or dirty. Give the screen a clean with an appropriate cloth, restart, and the problem should be solved. If not, clear the cache and see if that helps get things moving.

Fortunately, for iPhone insurance policyholders we even cover minor screen cracks.

  1. Microphone and speaker issues

iPhones are made for communication, so if you start to get issues with your microphone or speaker then it can soon get very irritating. Working out why your iPhone microphone is not working can be a real pain but it’s easy if you follow some straightforward steps to get to the route of the problem.

  1. Failed Bluetooth connection

Having the right accessories really helps users get the most out of their iPhones, so it can be a real nightmare if the devices are failing to pair. Go to Settings and turn off and on Bluetooth. Then restart your iPhone. Alternatively, you can toggle Airplane Mode.

If this fix doesn’t work, go to Settings > Bluetooth and select 'Forget this Device'. Then try again to pair the two devices. While you’re at it check for any iOS updates as this often solves the problem.

If you love your expensive Bluetooth accessories then iPhone insurance with Gadget Cover covers them up to £150 if they are lost, stolen or damaged at the same time as your iPhone.

Common Android phone problems and how to fix them

  1. Battery drain

A common problem for Android users is the feeling that they’re forever charging their phone. Rapid battery drain is a big annoyance particularly when it’s not confined to the typically high power consumption activities like shooting videos or playing games.

Most users find that a third-party app is the main culprit – removing the app should solve the problem. Turning down screen brightness will also have a big impact on battery life. That said, sometimes a new battery is the only solution.


  1. Going slow

Unfortunately, performance issues look like they’ll always be an issue of Android. If your phone is running slowly, is laggy, or takes a long time to respond then simply restarting your phone could do the trick. Otherwise try one of these:

  • Check your OS and apps are up to date.
  • Check your phone’s storage – a common cause of reduced performance.
  • Boot in Safe Mode to check if third-party apps are the problem.
  • Stop apps running in the background.
  • Perform a factory reset.
  1. Home screen design disaster

Manufacturers don’t always set up your home screen quite in the way you would like. From superfluous search bars to annoying news streams there could be lots of things you could do without and some things you’d really love on your home screen.

Try out one of the vast numbers of third-party Android launchers available that could provide you with a whole new home screen arrangement.

  1. Rotation that keeps us spinning

While it’s great our phones know whether to display things in portrait or landscape mode, sometimes they can be too sensitive. Rapidly flitting back and forth between orientations can end up making us feel a little seasick! Turning off auto-rotate should do the trick.

  1. Connectivity conundrums

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections are vital for the proper functioning of your clever Android phone, so when difficulties arise these can be a real headache. A simple and often successful solution is to turn on Airplane Mode for a couple of minutes.

This essentially turns off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and then turns them back on when you come out of Airplane Mode. Sometimes the oldest IT solutions are still the best!  

  1. Apps failing to synchronize

From fitness apps to emails and photos, synchronization between your phone and apps is vital for smooth running. If syncing doesn’t work then first check you’re connected to the net, then check the app isn’t down for some reason. Finally, remove the app and reinstall.

  1. Google Play problems

From apps not downloading to the Play store repeatedly crashing, these can be recurring problems for Android owners. To solve this clear the Google Play cache and history and then restart your phone.

  1. Phone not charging

If your phone isn’t charging, don’t despair! There are many simple reasons for a phone not charging that are often easily sorted at home. From cleaning dirty ports to replacing a damaged charging cable or power adapter, a solution could be close at hand.

Troubleshooting websites

Answers to many other iPhone and Android problems can be found on trouble-shooting websites such as Apple Support  and Google Support. While websites such as Downdetector are invaluable for finding out when your favourite services are down or having problems. After all, it might not be your phone that is at fault!

When to call in the experts

If you’ve tried all of the above and it hasn’t helped, then it might be time to contact an expert. Hardware issues on the inside of your phone can occur for a range of reasons. Dropping, water damage or an internal malfunction can be particularly difficult for you to solve at home.

Something may have broken inside or perhaps a cable has been dislodged due to an impact. While repair procedures can be fairly simple for an expert, damage such as a smashed screen can be substantial and can take a heavy toll on your wallet.

Never try to repair such issues yourself as you might end up causing more harm. Without the proper tools or knowledge you could be heading for disaster. Don’t make things worse by attempting self-repair just so you can save a few pounds. Always reach out to an expert who knows what they’re doing.

After all, this is just the situation where iPhone insurance from Gadget Cover comes in so useful. Regardless of what the issue is, we can help and it shouldn’t hit your wallet either!

iPhone insurance from Gadget Cover

From the latest iPhone offering to the most recent Samsung Galaxy or OnePlus 8 Pro you’ll want the best cover to protect such an exceptional device. That’s why the dedicated team at Gadget Cover will always find you an insurance policy to suit your device, requirements and budget.

Our policies include protection for things like accidental damage, liquid damage, theft, breakdown and unauthorised usage. And for an extra premium your iPhone will be covered against loss, too.

Other benefits include:

  • Family cover so if a family member loses or damages your iPhone you’re also covered.
  • Worldwide cover to include use of your iPhone anywhere in the world, up to 180 days in any one year.
  • E-wallet cover if your gadget is accidentally lost or stolen. We will refund the cost of unauthorised transactions up to a maximum of £500.

Call our team of insurance specialists and protect your phone with iPhone insurance from Gadget Cover.

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