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How your iPhone can help your healthy eating and exercise plans

Exercise stats on smart watch

Following a healthy eating and exercise plan isn’t always easy. We all struggle to stick to fitness regimes that we put in place, whether you’ve started focusing on your health as a long-term commitment or just want to lose a couple of pounds before you go on holiday.

Here’s the good news: finding the right health apps and health plans that can be accessed by mobile phone couldn’t be easier!

The features of these apps make it super simple to check in and record your workouts and eating habits so that you can see exactly what you’re doing and track your progress.

Learn how to make plans, stick to them and compare your progress with your friends on these user-friendly iPhone, tablet and smartphone apps.

We’re running through the top ways that iPhones can help you stick to your healthy eating and exercise plans, to help you make fitness, health and wellbeing part of your everyday life.


Top health apps for healthy eating and fitness

Take a look at the top health apps for healthy eating that let you track calories, macronutrients and liquid intake. They are ideal for those who have struggled to stick to a plan because they forget what they’re supposed to be doing, or lose track of their progress easily.

Forget taking a pen and paper to the gym with a workout on, or writing your shopping list by hand – these apps will help you plan ahead and stay fit and healthy. Check out our shortlist below.




Myfitnesspal is amazing for people wanting to stick to their healthy eating plan by tracking their food on their smartphone. With Myfitnesspal, you can set a daily target and put the calories consumed in a diary as you go along.

This way, it’s really easy to stop when you see that you’ve over-consumed and you can stop eating before you go over your target.

You can also see macros and can even tell the app your ideal weight and time goal and it will plan out how many calories you can eat per day – it couldn’t be easier!

Plus, if you want to use the exercise feature too, it will tell you how many calories you’ve burned and take that off your overall calorie count for the day, so you won’t go hungry if you live an active lifestyle!




This amazing healthy eating app allows you to tailor healthy recipes to your specific diet requirements, budget and taste.

You can use the app to plan out your meals and are even able to order online using a shopping list that you can generate. It quickly searches the web to find the recipes that match your criteria and makes it easy for you to see how to make a healthy dinner.

Perfect for novice chefs, those with dietary requirements and anyone who wants to stick to their diet using their iPad, iPhone or tablet.




Strava is a revolutionary fitness app that is specifically tailored to runners and cyclists who like to challenge themselves against others in their neighbourhood.

Using GPS on your smartphone, you can download the app to your iPhone and get it to track you as you work out. You can then compare your times on foot or by bike and even challenge your mates to complete challenges.

For example, if you and your friend both run a regular 5k route, you can use the app to challenge each other and keep up with each other’s progress. Talk about motivation!


Daily Yoga


This is the perfect app for people who want to use their smartphone to get fit, without sweating too much or having to leave the house.

All you need for this app is a smartphone, yoga mat and some comfy activewear and you’re good to go! Use yoga on your iPhone to practice your breathing, gain flexibility and find some stillness in your busy lifestyle.

Daily Yoga is perfect for the fitness newbie who wants to ease themselves in and try something new, without having to commit to a yoga class.


Nike fitness app


The Nike fitness app is one of the most popular fitness apps out there as it has been curated by professional athletes – and it really shows.

If you can’t afford a PT, the Nike fitness and training app will bring the PT to you via your smartphone, tablet or iPad. It’s superb for tracking progress, competing with others and customising your fitness plans as you get fitter.


What is the best weight loss app 2019?

Fitbit has an excellent record when it comes to results. Many think this is due to the commitment it takes to buy a Fitbit in the first place, plus the fact that the gadget tells you when you haven’t done enough with little notifications that keep you going.

The app allows you to store, compare and analyse your fitness and nutritional data so that you can see exactly how much weight you are on track to lose.

Fit Bit tracker

With handy graphs that allow you to see your weight progress and tell you how many calories and moves you need to get in order to hit your goals, it’s hard to fail with this app.

The downside is that the app works best when you have a Fitbit, and these little gadgets can set you back a couple of hundred pounds a pop.


That being said, you can use the app for free, and the app can use your smartphone to track your activity. The app alone is still amazing, and will allow you to track calories and activity.

It’s not as easy as being able to look down and see your calorie input and daily steps on your wrist, but it’s great as a standalone weight loss app nonetheless.


If you’re looking for an app that will allow you to lose weight quickly and easily then the Fitbit app – whether you have a Fitbit or not – is still one of the best on the market in 2019.


What are the best free apps for weight loss?

With so many free apps for weight loss out there, it can be hard to know which one to choose. Losing weight is largely to do with diet, so any app that helps you track calories on your smartphone will be a winner.


Myfitnesspal, Lose It and Fooducate are three of the top free apps for weight loss as they show you the exact breakdown of your diet and help you to reconstruct a diet that suits your goals.

Instead of focussing on short term fixes, these apps aim to educate you on how to eat a healthier diet that will see you lose weight.


Other notable favourites include MyPlate Calorie Tracker and My Diet Coach – both of which are free and will help you lose weight from your smartphone.


What is the best free exercise app for the iPhone?

Using an exercise app for your iPhone will help you track your progress, follow routines and compete with your friends. Whether you have a competitive edge or not, these apps allow you to push yourself to your limits and stay motivated as you stick to your exercise routine.




Obviously, this app is ideal for those who run and will help you track your performance, calories burned and overall goals. It also works for riding a bike and is able to use smartphones GPS to track your mileage.

It also syncs with your iPhone to bring you music that fits the tempo of your workout. Using Apple Music, the app is able to keep you motivated with music and stops you getting distracted by trying to find that perfect tune for the final kilometre of your run.


My Virtual Mission


This app is perfect if you know how far and fast you like to run, but aren’t familiar enough with your area to plot your ideal route. This app is great for iPhones as it plans your virtual route and syncs with your contacts so that you can show off your progress – how fun!




The reason this app is so popular is that it delivers tailored training plans without the hassle. Access all of your saved workouts and desired goals on one platform that you can update as you go along.

It’s great for iPhone users as the workouts adapt as you progress to make sure that you are always challenging yourself. Although it is free initially, the app does charge after your first three workouts.


What is the best calorie counter app 2019?

Healthcare smart watch

Counting calories is one of the simplest ways to lose weight because, at the end of the day, your weight is dependent on two things – how many calories you consume and how many calories you burn. If you’re in a calorie deficit you will lose weight and if you’re in a surplus you will gain weight.


In terms of the best calorie counter apps in 2019, My Net Diary has been around for a while and is a standard in calorie counting apps. It allows you to do everything you need from a calorie counting app – it counts your intake and lets you track your progress and goals.

It stands out because of its ability to track medication and alert you to times you need to take it, which is ideal for those who take a few medications alongside a normal diet.


The second highly recommended calorie counting app is EasyFit Calorie Counter. It works in the same way as the My Fitness Pal app and allows you to track calories in a way that alters as the day goes on, depending on which exercises you’ve done.

This means that you’ll never be punished by going hungry because you’ve upped your exercise, as the app counts it for you.


The unique thing about this app is that it keeps your details private, which is perfect for anyone who wants to keep their calorie counting under wraps. But as with all calorie apps, they are only effective if you’re honest about what you’re eating.


iPhone insurance

Of course, if you’re going to be getting fit with your iPhone in tow, then you need to make sure it’s protected with iPhone insurance. Running with your smartphone is all well and good until you drop it in a puddle as you attempt to beat your high score on Strava.

Equally, if you train in the gym, all it takes is one slip of the hand to drop a weight on the screen and watch it crack before your eyes.


These days, with so many amazing iPhone insurance options out there, it’s not worth the risk. With iPhone insurance, you could be covered for everything from liquid damage to breakdown, theft and loss.

Find iPhone insurance through Gadget Cover and you’ll enjoy additional benefits like unlimited claims, truly instant cover and your first month of protection totally free. You’ll also pay a low excess fee and will get to enjoy a discount if you pay your insurance annually.

If you’re ready to take your fitness to the next level with an iPhone app, then try out these amazing apps that will keep you motivated and help you to stay fit long term.

If you’re ready to really invest in some treats that will get you motivated for the gym or exercise outside, then you might want to take a look at the vast range of iPhone accessories that will pimp your workout.

Alternatively, if you want to kit yourself out with the latest headphones for your new gym commitment, why not check out our helpful blog article on the Apple AirPods?


Get your personalised quote for iPhone insurance now so that you can start training with your iPhone without the stress of worrying that you will drop, break or crack it as you push yourself to your limits.

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