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20 signs it’s time to get a new iPhone

Through relationship break ups, wild nights out and quiet nights in, your trusty iPhone will have steered you through many of life’s biggest events. However, no matter how much you’ve bonded, there’ll come a time when you need to part ways with your cherished tech.

We’ve put together this list of the top 20 signs that you need to say ‘so long’ to your current handset. From a failing battery to simple iPhone envy, you may well recognise a few of these!

Whether you’ve an old iPhone 6 or the latest iPhone 12, these powerful pocket-sized wonders put a whole host of features at your fingertips. No wonder so many iPhone owners call on Gadget Cover to arrange the right iPhone insurance.

  1. Draining battery

At one time it might have felt like your battery went on forever, no matter what strain you put it under. However, if a full charge now lasts only a fraction of the time it used to and you feel like you’re constantly plugging in to charge, it might be time for an upgrade. iPhones are incredible machines but over time the battery will eventually wear out. Unfortunately, the battery on your iPhone isn’t easily replaced, so your best option is to buy a new phone.

iPhone Charging

  1. Storage warnings

Do those pesky storage warnings keep appearing? Are you constantly deleting photos and uninstalling apps to free up storage? If so, the only way around this (apart from buying an iPhone with bigger storage) is to use iCloud to store your photos and use as few apps as possible. But if you’ve got a really old iPhone then this still might not cut it with today’s storage and power-hungry apps. If you’re on the lookout for a bigger storage capacity then consider the very desirable iPhone 12 Pro. Beloved of smartphone photographers this beautiful beast offers a whopping 512GB!

If you decide to wait just a little while longer to get a new iPhone, here are some clever tips for checking your iPhone storage and freeing up space.

  1. Hearing problems

If you’re finding it difficult to make yourself heard on calls despite having a great signal, then the problem might not be your connection – it could be your iPhone’s microphone. A faulty microphone can easily make your voice sound very quiet on calls. Or even cause the sound to repeatedly cut in and out. Not great for those all-important late-night chats!

  1. Touchscreen glitches

Apple really prides itself on its screen technology, but when your iPhone is getting on in years you might start to encounter problems. If the screen is getting less responsive to your touch it might be the sensors on it are starting to fail. Solving these glitches with a screen replacement could prove costly and may even cost more than your iPhone is worth!

  1. Cracked or broken screen

It’s a common enough scenario. We’re in a rush and our iPhone drops to the ground – face down! While an accidental scuff or scratch is neither here nor there (if you’ve got a screen protector that is) a cracked or broken screen can make your iPhone almost unusable.

As well as damage to the glass screen you might also begin to notice vertical bands or lines running across it. This indicates there’s internal screen damage which over time will gradually spread until they take over your whole display. Disaster!

One of the best ways to preserve your delicate screen through thick and thin is to invest in a screen protector. If you haven’t already, check out these tried-and-tested screen protectors suited to iPhones.

  1. Strange behaviour

Whether it’s random reboots, mystery calls or texts, or apps you don’t remember downloading, all of these can be signs your iPhone has been hacked or it’s been infected with malware. If your iPhone is no longer supported and you’re using an old version of iOS then you might be more vulnerable to such attacks. Having the newest iPhone means you’ll be protected by the latest antivirus software and security patches.

  1. Turning on and off

If your phone is turning on and off or randomly rebooting then don’t assume your iPhone is possessed by a ghostly phone fan. It might simply be old and malfunctioning. So, get your iPhone and battery checked out before you call in the Ghostbusters.

  1. Broken buttons

While we’re sure Apple designers would love to get rid of those pesky buttons wrecking their perfect minimalist design aesthetic, for mere mortals buttons are pretty handy. For example, if the power button goes on the blink is there anything you can do without it? Not really.

  1. DIY fixes not working

From cleaning charging ports to rebooting, every experienced iPhone owner has a bag of DIY tricks up their sleeve to get their phone working when problems develop. If these usual fixes aren’t helping then it might be time to say goodbye.

  1. Headphone jack wiggles

This won’t apply to those with a more recent iPhone but anyone with an older model might have this problem. If you’ve got a model from before the iPhone 7 then a sign your phone could be on the way out is if you have to constantly wiggle your headphone jack to get sound to come through.

Now might be the time to invest in a new iPhone and some sexy new wireless headphones. Check out our guide to choosing the right headphones and get started.

  1. Charging cable niggles

Similar to headphone jack problems, when there’s a bad connection in your iPhone’s Lightning port it can play havoc with charging and other important functions. If you haven’t yet decided to replace your iPhone, check out these troubleshooting tips for phone charging before you do. They could also help make battery power last longer.

  1. Water damage

While iPhones have top-of-the-range protection against water and dust damage it’s still possible to kill your phone with an accidental dunking. Apple has some great advice to follow if your iPhone does get wet. Read our recent blog to spot the signs of water damage on your phone.

If problems persist then you’re better off taking it to a professional and giving your iPhone insurance provider a call.

Water damage iPhone

  1. Worried about overheating

Can my iPhone overheat? This is a common concern among iPhone owners, particularly after a heavy gaming session. But if your iPhone is overheating even during light use, then it might be time for a replacement.

  1. Embarrassed about your rubbish photos

Using your iPhone as your go-to camera for family events, social media posts and selfies means you need to be certain you’re getting the best pics possible. But what looked like good quality photos a couple of years back may look decidedly average next to the latest iPhone camera tech today.

If your Instagram profile is suffering from grainy, unfocused images and less-than-vibrant colours then consider a replacement. You’ll also probably get boosted zoom and low-light capabilities into the bargain.

  1. You want 5G

If you’ve been following the latest developments in the UK tech market, then you might well be wondering what 5G is and whether you really need it. But if you’re looking to future-proof your iPhone and be certain of super-fast speeds in future, then one with 5G capability is rapidly becoming an essential purchase. Perhaps consider investing in an iPhone 13 pro max - you can learn all about them on our recent blog.

With every new iOS update that comes out there are always winners and losers. For example, will you be able to download the latest iOS 15 update  when it becomes available for download in autumn 2021? Only those with an iPhone 6S or above will be able to enjoy all the latest functions and features Apple’s software designers have come up with. When you can no longer update to the latest iOS, your beloved iPhone will slow down and become more vulnerable to security threats.

  1. No tech support from Apple

Ultimately as technology progresses every iPhone will become obsolete in its turn. At the moment, the iPhone 12 family are their flagship devices, but eventually as other iPhones launch you won’t be able to get tech support or replacement parts for it. That means if your iPhone is glitching out, there’s really nothing you can do but get a new one. It’s a sad but true part of modern phone ownership.

But before that happens make sure you’re getting the most out of your iPhone by following some of our 27 amazing iPhone hacks and tips. They could change your life forever!

  1. Apps keep crashing

While iPhones get older, apps are kept young by constant tweaks and updates. Eventually your poor old iPhone simply can’t cope with the demands of the latest apps. If you want all the latest features then you’re simply going to have to bite the bullet and invest in a new phone.

  1. Life has moved on

Phone trends come and go but we wouldn’t suggest changing fashions as a good enough reason alone to invest in an expensive new iPhone. However, sometimes life moves on, and a once-perfect phone now simply can’t keep up. For example, a cute little iPhone perfect for holidays and nights out with friends might not be right if you now need it as an essential part of your business.

If developments in your work or home life require new software and phone features, then upgrading your iPhone could be the simplest option. Life can be stressful enough without an old phone holding you back – no matter how much you’re emotionally attached to it!

Sometimes a life change might also mean we need to cut back on expenses. Rather than buying a new iPhone you might decide to move to a SIM-only contract. It’s a cost-effective way to up your data, calls and text package without having to pay out for a new handset, too.

  1. It’s nearly September

As the seasons change and summer gives way to autumn, we all know what that means don’t we? Yes, a new set of iPhones is almost ripe for harvesting! And even if you’re not planning on grabbing one of the new flagships, their release means earlier iPhones often drop in price. Some offers are simply so irresistible you cannot turn them down.

This is often the best time of year to upgrade to a new iPhone. But if you’re looking to get the best price for an old device then be aware you need to sell before the new iPhones have launched.

You’ve bought a new iPhone – now what?

Once you’ve bought a new iPhone there are a couple of vital steps you still need to perform before finally saying goodbye to your old device.

Obviously you’ll first want to get iPhone insurance for your new iPhone. Then you’ll need to back up your old iPhone and transfer your data to the new device.

When you’ve done this, don’t leave your old handset languishing in a drawer. It could still be useful. Read our Gadget Cover guides to selling or recycling your old phone.

And just because you’ve got the latest iPhone, it doesn’t mean it’ll be the most straightforward to use. Sometimes, even experienced iPhone users can become flummoxed by new features and functions! So, reading up on how to get the best out of your new iPhone could be time well spent.

Finally, once you get a new device, it’s also worth making sure you don’t accidentally damage it in some way . Sometimes we can harm our tech without even knowing it!

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Policy benefits, features and discounts offered may very between insurance schemes or cover selected and are subject to underwriting criteria. Information contained within this article is accurate at the time of publishing but may be subject to change.

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