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A beginner’s guide to the iPhone

With just under half of the UK’s smartphone users owning iPhones, chances are you’ll have had a play on one of these powerful pocket-sized computers before. Even if it was just for 30 minutes while your mate wasn’t looking!

So, when it comes time for you to own one, you might be left wondering how to get set up and started. Well, that’s where our handy beginner’s guide to the iPhone can come to your rescue! After all, when you’ve got outstanding camera technology, a crystal-clear display and a super-fast processor at your fingertips, you’ll want to know what you’re doing.

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Which iPhone model do you have?

If you’ve just taken delivery of a brand-new iPhone then you’ll probably know exactly which model you have. But not everyone is so lucky. If you’ve got a second-hand model, or just having a mental block, then there are a few ways to quickly tell iPhone models apart.

The identity of recent models is easy to find out, just start them up and dip into the iPhone settings and check which iPhone you have. This works for models from the iPhone 5 and later running iOS 12.2 or above.

Whereas, if you’ve an even earlier model (and great vision), you can check the model number printed on the back of your iPhone. You can also tell any iPhone apart if you use our easy spotter’s guide.

Setting up – straight from the box

Apple products are well-known for the intuitive way in which they work. And that begins right from the first time you get a brand-new iPhone out of the box. With a friendly ‘Hello’ it’s all ready for you to set up. All you need are the following:

  • An internet connection through a Wi-Fi network (don’t forget the name and password of the network, too) or a data service through a mobile phone network.
  • Your Apple ID and password. If you don’t have one yet, they’re easy to create during setup.
  • Your credit or debit card account information. If you want to set up your iPhone for payments through Apple Pay during setup.
  • Your previous iPhone, Android phone, or a backup of your device. If you want to transfer data seamlessly to your new device.

Don't worry if you get confused. Apple Support has a brilliant iPhone user guide that can walk you through the setup process. Just check you’ve selected the right version of iOS for your iPhone before you get started.

The basics – a how to guide for every occasion

After you’ve set up your new iPhone, now comes the fun part. Exploring everything it has to offer! However, just because an iPhone is an incredibly intuitive and versatile tool, it doesn’t mean you won’t need some help along the way. Particularly when you want to move from the most basic operations to more bespoke use.

Whether you’ve just taken delivery of a hot new iPhone 13 or you’re holding on to your faithful iPhone 6, Gadget Cover has lots of useful iPhone guides to help you get the most out of your device. These include:

Not to mention these amazing iPhone hacks and tips to make your life so much easier.

iPhone camera

Making it yours – personalising your iPhone

Apple certainly makes some of the most beautiful products on the market. But when so many people own them, it can be tough to stand out from the crowd. Here’s a couple of quick and easy ways for a new owner to get that wow factor:

  • Set a unique wallpaper – An easy way to create a unique and fresh new look for your Lock Screen or Home Screen. Head to Settings > Wallpaper > Choose a New Wallpaper to pick one. You can pick from the preset images that come with iOS, or browse your own photos and images to set one you've taken yourself.
  • Pick a new ringtone and text tone – New phone, new ringtone. There are so many choices out there, why stick with the same old tune? Head to Settings > Sounds > Ringtone to search through available choices. While you’re at it, you can also choose new sounds or text tones, new mail and plenty of others. Read our recent guide to choosing and setting ringtones to find out more.
  • Customise control centre – Having the right tools to hand when you need them is a great way to make iPhone use even easier. Whether airplane mode, Do Not Disturb, a flashlight, volume, screen brightness or many more the iPhone lets you add and organise controls just how you want. Go to Settings > Control Centre and tap the + or - next to a control to add or remove it. You can also rearrange controls, by tapping the three horizontal lines next to a control, and then dragging it to a new position.

Apps and games – getting the best from your iPhone

When you first take delivery of your iPhone, you’ll have a good handful of built-in apps that are absolutely essential to using your new device. Whether iMessage, Maps, Photos, FaceTime, or the Calendar app, you’ll have plenty to keep you occupied at first. And it’s well worth taking a few hours to really get to know the capabilities of these apps.

But the real fun comes when you start to explore the wider Apple ecosystem, taking in music, movies, eBooks, apps, games and so much more. But while the sheer variety on offer can soon get bewildering, your iPhone is always there to help guide you.

To discover the very latest apps, games, and other must-have items, simply tap any of the following in the App Store app:

  • Today: Here you can look through featured apps, and in-app events.
  • Games: Find your next favourite game across categories including action, adventure, board, card, puzzles, role playing and more.
  • Apps: Explore the very latest releases.
  • Search: Simply type what you’re looking for and tap Search.

Unfortunately, while we all love the amazing range of uses we can put these iPhones to, there are some downsides that you just can’t ignore. A big issue in recent years is the impact these devices have on our privacy. Indeed, some of those amazing iPhone apps are tracking us wherever we go!

If you’re unhappy about advertisers and other companies snooping on your web browsing, read our recent guide on the powerful built-in tools to help put an end to sneaky app-tracking. 

Ask Siri for instant answers

Another way to find out the latest apps is to ask the ever-helpful Siri. Simply say ‘Search the App Store for running apps” or ‘Get the TikTok app’ – if you’re into running while learning the latest TikTok dance craze.

Simply asking Siri is a quick way to get many things done, including setting a timer, translating a phrase or getting the latest weather report. You can turn Siri on in Settings > Siri & Search.

Apple products

Staying connected with Family Sharing

There are countless different ways these modern technological marvels can keep you connected with those closest to you. Either individually or in groups, all at the swipe of a finger. And when you first get your hands on an iPhone you have to understand that it’s not just about calls, texts and emails when it comes to family fun.

A popular thing to do is to set up Family Sharing. That way family members can share purchases, subscriptions, their location, and more without sharing accounts. You can also use the feature to set up parental controls for children. To do so, you (if you’re an adult) go to Settings > [Your name] > Family Sharing and follow the onscreen prompts to set up a family sharing group and invite other family members.

There are lots of other ideas for how to use your iPhone to keep in touch with friends and family, but Family Sharing is one of our favourites.

At Gadget Cover we’re always thinking of ways to help iPhone owners and their families. For example, with policies arranged through Gadget Cover your iPhone insurance is extended to your immediate family. So, if your loved one loses or damages your precious gadgetry, you’re also protected!

Using your iPhone in car

If you were a kid of the 80s who dreamed of turning your parents’ car into KITT from Knight Rider, then you’re going to be happy with the direction technology has travelled in recent years. But while self-driving cars might not be within the price range of most people, connecting your iPhone to your car certainly is.

Connecting your iPhone to CarPlay will give you access to turn-by-turn directions, calling, music, calendar, and more – all using your vehicle’s display. To access the ‘ultimate co-pilot’, simply connect the two via your vehicle’s USB port or wireless capability.

But how can you access all the entertainment and features of your iPhone safely while driving? We answer that question and more in our guide to Apple CarPlay.

Accessibility matters – making life easier for everyone

With over 14 million disabled people in the UK today, phone manufacturers including Apple have been working hard to ensure that everyone can benefit from these incredible machines. Whether you have vision, physical and motor, hearing or learning needs one of these smartphone accessibility tips could be useful to you.

There are lots of accessibility features you can turn on during or after set up. Go to Settings > Accessibility and choose from the huge range of features to help you. From VoiceOver and AssistiveTouch to headphone accommodations, try one out on your iPhone today and life may never be the same again!

Protecting your iPhone from day one

Getting to know the workings of your iPhone both inside and out is just one part of being a responsible owner. You also need to give some thought to the best way to protect (and safely show off) your iPhone when you’re out and about.

First stop has to be to buy a new case and screen protector for your iPhone. If you’ve got your hands on one of the latest models of iPhones featuring MagSafe technology then Apple has some tailor-made cases perfect for your device.

Keeping your iPhone safe isn’t just about protecting the physical handset. There are plenty of ways to make your iPhone safer from theft, damage and loss. With cyber crime ever rising, anything you can do to make life difficult for criminals is worth it.

And if you’re wondering why you need iPhone insurance and what it covers then give our helpful team a call today. You won’t regret it!

Get iPhone insurance from Gadget Cover

There’s a lot to think about when you first get an iPhone. So, let our dedicated team of insurance specialists set you up with an iPhone insurance policy suitable for your device and budget.

Policies arranged by Gadget Cover include protection for everything from accidental damage and liquid damage to theft, breakdown and unauthorised usage. For an additional premium it can also be covered against loss, too.

Our policies don’t just cover the iPhone itself. If your iPhone is accidentally lost or stolen, we will refund the cost of unauthorised transactions made using your e-Wallet facility up to a maximum of £500.

Get a quote for iPhone insurance today and get yourself protected.

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